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Advertiser FAQ

What is Pisig Ad Network?
We provide an ad platform that advertisers can make use of to show their ads to our partner websites all over the Philippines. This is one of the most cost-efficient methods as our advertisers do not need to pay ad placements on each website/blog.
I own a business. How will I benefit from your services?
Our ad network can give maximum online visibility to your business and branding at affordable costs. Feel-free to contact us during our office hours and discuss your advertising requirements with us. Or signup for your Advertiser Account today and we’ll be happy to give you our valuable recommendations for your advertising campaign executions for free!
My business is located in a specific area. Will your advertising services still work for me?
Yes. With the use of our ad network and its keyword matching feature, you can specify the target areas where you want the ads to appear.
What are the features of your ad network for advertisers?

  • Self-service account creation
  • Ad creation before account creation increases conversion due to initial emotional investment
  • Intuitive web-based self-service user interface allows for easy self-management reducing administrative overhead costs
  • Advertisement creation self-service allows advertisers to create their own advertising in just a few minutes
  • Advertisement verification of required fields and field lengths significantly reduces user input errors
  • Targeting of advertising via content channels
  • Targeting of advertising by geographical location by country via the viewers IP address
  • Day of Week targeting
  • Time of Day targeting
  • Day of Week targeting
  • Targeting of advertising via keywords and phrases
  • Extensive keyword support – Exact, phrase, broad, and negative matching supported
  • True broad-match support – A fuzzy logic that understands broad matches through the entire provided phrase based on the current percent-of-match settings, regardless of the order of words in the phrase
  • Suggested bid amount tool provides the ideal bid amount for the given advertisement
  • Daily budget capping per campaign
  • Start and Stop dates per campaign
  • Ability to pause advertisements on demand
  • Automatic funding to allow ongoing advertising
  • Advertisements automatically pause when funding or budgets are met
  • Detailed Keyword Reports provides keyword and phrase activity, average position, billed clicks, Click Through Rate (CTR), and more within a provided date range
  • Daily Activity Report for campaign activity by date within a date range
  • Campaign Report provides a quick summary view of activity of all campaigns by date range, campaign, campaign status, or active content channels
  • Billing Report provides details of billable activity by campaign and date within a provided date range
  • Notification by email of low account funding
  • Notification by email of exhausted account funding
  • Notification by email of Automatic Funding activity
  • Notification by email of Declined advertisement
  • Notification by email of Approved advertisement
  • Ability to add funds through PayPal
  • CSV download for all generated reports
  • Ability to change account profile and password information
  • IP Blocklist Support – Block IP addresses from being served by campaign

How long will my ads be shown on your Publishers' websites?
You are only charged for every prospect customer who will click on your ad campaigns. As long as you have remaining balance on your Advertiser Account, your ads will remain active.
I'm ready to place ads. What is my first step?
Click the “Register as Advertiser” button located at the top of this page, below the “Account Login” button. Or you may click this link to learn about our step-by-step guide in creating your Advertiser Account.
What if I don't have a debit card, credit card, or PayPal account?
We understand that not all entrepreneurs have access to these payment methods. We accept offline payment transactions like bank deposit (Metrobank) or at any money remittance centers. Please contact us for details.
I'm logged in to my account but I can't understand every detail I see on my Dashboard because I'm new to this advertising method. Will you help me out?
Yes. Since we cannot show you a live Advertiser account as this is confidential, what we can do is assign you an Account Specialist who will give you a call and educate you as you navigate your account online. Please contact us for assistance.
How many ads can I make?
You can create as many ads as you want. Your Account Balance is not limited to one ad campaign. It is basically your budget for the entire ads in your account.
I live outside the Philippines but I have products and services I want to introduce to the Philippine market. Can I use your ad network for my campaigns?
Yes. Please be advised though that we review all ad campaigns of our Advertisers.