If you are ready to bring your advertising efforts to the next level, watch our YouTube video tutorial on how to create an Advertiser Account using our platform and begin advertising your business on the Internet for as low as PHP10 a day. You may also follow the written step-by-step guide below.

STEP 1: Open the Registration Form using this link.

STEP 2: Fill-out the first form. If you are literally new to the concept of Ad Network, we recommend that you begin your campaign with a simple text ad (under Advertisement Type, default is “Text”). After setting up your first Advertisement Type, you can always add new ad types at a later time (i.e. Photo Text, Photo Block, or Image). Remember, you have FULL CONTROL of your account. You can name your campaign and put content anyhow you want. However, please be advised that we review all ads. We do not allow ad campaigns that promote pornography, religion, hate speeches, black propaganda, vices, gambling, food supplements that are not approved by Food and Drug Administration of the Republic of the Philippines, and anything that our management deem not beneficial to our fellow Filipino consumers.

For the Display URL field, you can either put the full URL of the landing page of your ad campaign or use any URL Shortener of your choice. As for the Destination URL field, it is important that you indicate the full URL of the landing page. If your business neither has a website nor a Facebook Fan Page but has a poster file that you want to promote, we can help you setup your ad campaign. You may contact us at any time.

STEP 3: Enter your targeted keywords. For example, if you manage your own flower shop, you would want to show your ads to sites that talk about romance, love, or events like weddings and parties (if you also supply flower arrangement services). Keywords act as indicators so that our ad server can target the right audience for your ad campaigns. With the illustration below, we want to show the sample ad we created (as shown in Step 2) to bloggers of all fields. So we used the following keywords –

STEP 4: We recommend that you choose Philippines for Country Selection so that your ad campaigns will be targeted to consumers in the Philippines. Should you decide to show your ads outside Philippine market, choose “No Country Targeting” radio button.

STEP 5: Specify your Cost-Per-Click (CPC) and Average Daily Budget. You are billed with the amount of CPC indicated on your campaign for each time a prospect customer clicks on your ad. Unlike other ad networks, we only charge our advertisers on a per-click basis and NOT by Impressions (defined as every 1000 times your ad campaign will be shown in our Publishers’ websites). We believe it is only fair to our advertisers that they are only billed for every prospect customer that we can bring them.

STEP 6: Review ad campaign details.

STEP 7: Create your Account.

STEP 8: Fund Account. Enter Promotional Code if available. We accept payments through PayPal, debit and credit card, bank deposit, and through major local remittance centers. For offline payments, just accomplish Steps 1 to 7 then please contact us for further instruction.

STEP 9: Once payment is made, login to your Account and we will review your first ad campaign right away (usually takes within minutes after submission). You will receive an email notification regarding approval status.