I want to share with you a story.

In 2008, in my quest to earn money online, I joined Google Adsense program, where one could receive revenue sharing from Google by hosting their advertisements on your website. Every time somebody would click on their ads on my website, I’d earn. But Big G’s Golden Rule is to never cheat. One can only earn from valid clicks otherwise, your account will be terminated. I didn’t know how to do Search Engine Optimization (SEO) back then. My only goal was to invite as many people as possible and encourage them to check my website out. Have you ever experienced sleepless nights because you wanted to find that Holy Grail for your predicament? I had. Three consecutive sleepless nights to be exact. The next morning, I sent my contacts text (SMS) invites and informed them that I created a website dedicated to topics about how to earn money from the Internet. Of course Google was showing relevant ads to my site. I clearly remember earning my first $.03 from Google. Suddenly, I had a eureka moment! In that same year, I acquired the technology that could send massive SMS invites. I believe I was one of the very few people, if not the first, to use this technology in marketing one’s website. My initial earnings had increased dramatically. From $.03 to a minimum of $15 a day. When I received my very first earnings from Google via Western Union, what I did was to double the capacity of my SMS invites. After eight months of earning good great money from my small project, I felt uneasy – more of empty.

I had this incredible technology all to myself, earning as much money as an Executive from the corporate world, and then what? I didn’t feel accomplished; was actually feeling selfish at one point. If I could use what I had to promote my website and got impressive results, I could probably do the same for other businesses. For the record, I was not a digital marketing consultant then. All I had with me was the desire to share my system to other business owners so that I could help them advertise their products and services. Conventional advertising channels were and still are expensive. My advertising method is not. I got myself a new mission: Create and provide alternative advertising channels to businesses that are affordable but as effective as the traditional ones. So in 2009, I stopped my Google Adsense project and established my first company that provided marketing consultancy services.

With the technology on hand, I could safely say I was the first company to utilize SMS for promotional purposes in a massive scale – so massive that it reached a publication and decided to feature me and my company in their magazine and discussed about the potentials of Mobile Marketing in the Philippine setting. Needless to say, I ended up landing different consultancy projects for big companies locally and abroad. I even received projects from some prominent politicians.

Fast forward to eight years after, to be honest, I still feel I didn’t accomplish anything. In fact, I felt like I had been distracted for too long. I’ve always wanted to help the small and the micro-enterprises. They were my primary target. I’ve witnessed start-ups closed down after a year or two. Their businesses could have been successful. However, they lacked two critical components in their operations: marketing and advertising executions that were tested and proven effective.

After almost a decade of doing consultancy services, I decided to close down my first company and started my second (Year 2016) – an advertising company. I’m through managing and brainstorming for other people’s “creations”. I needed to focus on developing my own projects and continue with my mission. My works will be my legacy.

So my dear friends, I’m excited to introduce you to my first advertising project and the first Filipino-owned advertising network platform in the Philippines: Pisig Ad Network. Our services are perfect for start-ups and other small businesses that have little budget for advertising but do not want to compromise getting the best results.

As early as now, please allow me to show gratitude to our Publishers who have given me and our platform their trust and placed our ad codes on their websites. We may not be as big as the other ad networks yet but their support is indeed overwhelming! So thank you, guys.

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