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I'm new to blogging. Can I submit my application form as Publisher?
Yes. If you intend to write quality content for your readers and as long as your blog does not promote pornography, bigotry, religion, hate speeches, black propaganda, vices, gambling, food supplements that are not approved by Food and Drug Administration of the Republic of the Philippines, multi-level marketing programs (MLM), and anything that our management deem not beneficial to our fellow Filipino consumers, we would love to have you in our ad network community!
As a new blogger, I receive little traffic in my blog. Will this affect my application as Publisher?
No. We understand the phases that each new blogger goes through. However, if we notice that you become inactive and your blog has no activity for a long time, we may suspend your account in order to free up space in our ad servers.
I use both Tagalog and English language in my blog. Is this okay?
Yes. You can even use your local dialect. As long as you offer nothing but quality blog content, you’re welcome to join us.
I have ads from other ad networks in my blog, especially Google AdSense. Will this be a problem?
Unlike other ad networks, we do not limit our Publishers. You may join other ad networks so you can have more earning opportunity. We only ask that you give our ads good and competitive placements on your site. As for Google AdSense, our ad codes work seamlessly with Google Ads.
I am using a free WordPress account for my blog. Will your ads work on my site?
Our ad codes work on most blogging platforms like Blogger. Unfortunately, per the Terms and Conditions of WordPress, Free Users/Accounts are unable to show other ads, aside from the ones being shown by WordPress itself.
What are the features of your ad network for publishers?

  • Self-Service account creation
  • Easy to use web-based user-interface
  • Ad Code Wizard for easy generation of standardized ad blocks
  • Simple copy and paste html code fragments
  • JavaScript to IFRAME IAB ad rendering for reduce load times of subject page
  • Automatic advertisement matching to page content
  • Ability to create Publisher Channels for improved reporting and refinement
  • Publisher Channels by specified identifier or regular expression match of the URL
  • Revenue Summary Report by aggregate data and date range
  • Revenue Summary Report by Publisher Channels and Date Range provides a more granular report as to the number of requests by the ad block, the number of ads shown, CTR by the ad block, CTR by ads shown, as well as earnings within the provided date range
  • Transaction History Report to view earnings by day within the provided date range
  • Ability to change account profile and password information
  • Stored Ad Code model
  • Sub-ID Reporting
  • Customizable Channel/Segment Reporting
    I'm ready to join. What is my first step?
    Click the “Register as Publisher” button located at the top of this page, below the “Account Login” button. Or you may click this link for your convenience.
    I'm new to ad networks and need a walk-through setting up Ad Codes. Will you show me?
    Yes, we’re happy to assist you! Here’s our step-by-step guide:

STEP 1: Fill-out Account Information form.


STEP 2: Fill-out additional information.


STEP 3: Review then create account.


STEP 4: Login.

STEP 5: Once logged in, click Integration Tools from the menu, found on the left column of the page. Then click Create New Ad Code button (the light green button in the right column of the page).


STEP 6: Complete the Create Ad Code form. You can use any Name and Partner Sub ID. These will be your identifiers for each ad code that you will create. This way, you will easily know which ads are performing well (and earning well) in your blog. For Creative Types, we recommend you select all so that your ad code will be ready to serve all available campaigns from our advertisers. For Ad Size and Style, you can use any of the available options. Our top performing ad sizes are Horizontal Banner, Leaderboard, Skyscraper, Wide Skyscraper, Wide Skyscraper 2, and Large Rectangle. For Color Customization, you can either choose the default colors or customize your color scheme.





STEP 7: Filler Content URL. You can either leave this blank of put the URL from your other ad network.


STEP 8: Copy and paste Ad Code to your blog. For beginners, we recommend that you utilize the Basic Version Ad Code.


NOTE: As much as we want to assist you with other coding requirements of your blog, the scope of our technical support is limited to setting up your Publisher Account and getting started with ad codes.

How much is the minimum payout of your ad network?
Effective on 10th of July 2016, our minimum payout is PHP1,000.
When can I receive my earnings?
As soon as you reached your minimum payout amount, you may contact us at any time to request for payment. It will take five (5) business days for the payment to be processed.
How do I receive my earnings?
You can opt to receive your earnings through PayPal or check by mail. If these are not available to you, we can send your earnings at any supported money remittance center nationwide:

  • LBC
  • Cebuana Lhuillier
  • M Lhuillier
  • Palawan Express
    Will there be a transaction fee in receiving my earnings?
    None. We will shoulder all transaction fees in remitting earnings to you.
    Why is my account suspended?
    There are two possible reasons why your account will be suspended:
  1. Our system has detected a volume of click fraud activities from your blog or website
  2. Your blog or website has been idle for a long time
Can I reinstate my account?
For account suspension because of idle blog or website, all you have to do is bring back activities to your site (i.e. publish new posts). Your earnings will not be affected. For suspended accounts brought about by click fraud occurrences, your earnings will be put on hold as we manually do the refund to affected advertisers. After which, you will be given a grace period of 14 calendar days to correct your site’s activities. You will continue to earn during this period and if click fraud activities continue to happen, your account will be terminated and all remaining balance in your account will be forfeited.